Continuous Security Platform

Combining advanced asset discovery with continuous high-signal security monitoring, our industry-leading Attack Surface Management platform gives complete and continuous visibility into your evolving attack surface.


What is Attack Surface Management?

Attack Surface Management (ASM) is the practice of continuously monitoring your attack surface through ongoing discovery, inventory and security analysis of the digital assets that are exposed to external attack.

ASM enables organizations to effectively identify, manage and minimise their ongoing exposure to external attack and is a foundational element of a holistic security program.

How It Works


From a single seed domain the Continuous Security Platform will discover the digital assets that make up your attack surface.

The platform will then continuously analyze these assets and to map out contextual information including technologies, ports and services, SSL certificates, application screenshots and more.

Each asset is monitored in real time for high signal, exploitable vulnerabilities and other security issues.

Findings are accessible via the Continuous Security Platform or via a large suite of integrations or the extensive API.

Automated Asset Discovery


Utilising advanced and unique reconnaissance techniques our platform continuously maps out the assets that make up your evolving external attack surface.

Using our agent-less passive or active discovery engines, we not only discover new assets but automatically track existing assets as they evolve. In this way, you will always have an up-to-date view of what you are protecting.

Core features of our Discovery Engine include:

  • Continuous monitoring and discovery of externally facing assets
  • Agent-less passive and active discovery engines
  • Cloud asset detection
  • Technology detection
  • Service detection
  • Risky asset detection
  • Ephemeral asset detection
  • Asset verification
  • Cloud integration
  • Asset importance categorisation
  • Change monitoring

Continuous Security Analysis


The Continuous Security platform provides high signal, real-time and continuous security monitoring of your assets. Every hour, our exposure engine analyses the entire attack surface of the organisation to uncover potential exposures.

The continuous and asset-aware nature of the Exposure Engine not only enables you to react quickly to new security issues in your attack surface but also provides valuable insight into high impact ephemeral vulnerabilities, process and control issues and systematic vulnerabilities that traditional approaches often fail to uncover.

Our advanced Exposure Engine has been built from the ground up, with a focus on having a pragmatic and realistic view to exploitability, achieving tangible security impact for your organisation.

Basic patch level checks and high rated issues with no real exploitability is not helpful in understanding your true exposure and only serves to create more management for little security benefit which ultimately reduces your defensive effectiveness.

Core features of our Exposure Engine include:

  • High signal – focus on real issues with security impact. We highlight vulnerabilities that are exploitable in your attack surface.
  • Post modules and advanced false positive detection – reduces false positives, confirms issues and tests exploitability.
  • Ephemeral vulnerability detection.
  • Vulnerability and indicator detection.
  • Third-party platform exposure - monitor third party platforms for impactful leakage of security sensitive information.
  • Custom Signatures - Create and run your own checks across your entire attack surface on a continuous basis.
Attack Surface Reduction
You can’t protect what you don’t know you have. Understanding the full extent of your attack surface is the first step in reducing the exposure of your attack surface.

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Cloud Asset Monitoring
Modern, cloud-native architectures present new challenges in managing the security assets and minimising risk in you cloud attack surface.

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Mergers & Acquisitions
Stay ahead of the curve during M&A and divestment activity with complete visibility of the attack surface you are acquiring.

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Continuous Asset Discovery and Inventory
Continuously discover the assets that make up your Internet facing attack surface and stay up to date as it evolves.

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Real-Time Security Exposure Monitoring
Continuously monitor your evolving attack surface for security exposure using our high-signal security engine tuned on years of security research and bug hunting.

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API & Integrations

Our platform is not a “black-box”. Easily embed the information and functionality in our Continuous Security Platform into existing workflows and processes and leverage an always up-to-date detailed asset inventory and real-time security monitoring across your organization.

Tap into your rich, continuously up-to-date asset database with a number of built-in integrations or write your own with our extensive and easy to use API.


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