Cloud Asset Monitoring

Modern, cloud-native architectures present new challenges in managing the security assets and minimising risk in you cloud attack surface.


Maintain Visibility Into Your Cloud Attack Surface

Cloud-native architectures offer a number of benefits to organizations including rapid and easily automated deployment of infrastructure, scalability and reliability.

These benefits also bring with them new challenges in securing this architecture.

Shadow IT, out-of-policy assets, insecure configuration and unique security vulnerabilities.

Assetnote Continuous Security Platform gives organizations complete and continuous visibility into their cloud environment.

Identify Real Security Exposure That Your Vulnerability Scanner Misses

While the cloud platforms do offer a number of security benefits out of the box there are many new and unique security vulnerabilities that accompany the use of these platforms.

Insecure configuration, inconsistent management and vulnerabilities in the cloud providers themselves.

Assetnote Continuous Security Platform monitors your cloud assets in real-time and identifies high-signal vulnerabilities as soon as they occur.


Always Be In-Sync With Your Attack Surface

No attack surface is static.

In today’s environment of cloud native architecture, rapid development and continuous deployment your attack surface is fluid and always changing.

Never lose sight of your attack surface as it expands and evolves.