Attack Surface Reduction

You can’t protect what you don’t know you have. Understanding the full extent of your attack surface is the first step in reducing the exposure of your attack surface.


Understand Your Attack Surface and Take Action

Assetnote Continuous Security Platform gives you complete and ongoing visibility into the assets that make up your attack surface.

Weed out Shadow IT, legacy and unmanaged assets and assets intended for decommission that never were.

Monitor the Security Exposure of Your Attack Surface in Real Time

With Assetnote Continuous Security Platform’s real-time exposure monitoring you will always have the drop on the attackers.

As soon as real, exploitable exposure exists in your attack surface we find it to you can eliminate it. No wasting time on false positives or security assessments that take weeks.

Our platform is always monitoring, all the assets, all the time.


Always Be In-Sync With Your Attack Surface

No attack surface is static.

In today’s environment of cloud native architecture, rapid development and continuous deployment your attack surface is fluid and always changing.

Never lose sight of your attack surface as it expands and evolves.