Real-time Security Exposure Monitoring

Continuously monitor your evolving attack surface for security exposure using our high-signal security engine tuned on years of security research and bug hunting.


Identify Security Exposures As They Happen

With Assetnote Continuous Security Platform’s real-time exposure monitoring you will always have the drop on the attackers.

As soon as real, exploitable exposure exists in your attack surface we find it.

Focus on Real Exposure

Don’t waste time with false positives, our advanced security engine is asset aware and optimized to identify vulnerabilities that have actual exploitable security impact so you are not wasting your time triaging “filler” issues or triaging endless false-positives.


Find Ephemeral Vulnerabilities

In modern cloud environments assets are typically deployed in an automated fashion and updated at a rapid pace, often there are high-impact security exposures that exist for a short period of time on a frequent basis.

With Assenote’s Continuous Security Platform discovering and monitoring these assets continuously you can gain visibility into these ephemeral vulnerabilities and effectively manage these exposures.