Mergers & Acquisitions

Modern, cloud-native architectures present new challenges in managing the security assets and minimising risk in you cloud attack surface.


Complete Visibility of an Acquisition Attack Surface

Easily maintain complete visibility of the acquisition attack surface and security exposure throughout the entire M&A process.

No more out of date spreadsheets, fragmented information, ineffective security questionnaires or costly and time consuming security reviews.

Don’t Inherit Exposure

Don’t get blindsided after the acquisition with unmanaged security exposure that was missed due to poor visibility.

Save time and money during due diligence with a complete, accurate and always up-to-date understanding of the attack surface you are acquiring and eliminate security exposure before it becomes yours.


Easily Monitor Integration or Divestment Progress

Avoid being left with legacy and unmanaged assets inherited during an acquisition.

With Assetnote Continuous Security Platform your view of the assets in your attack surface is always up to date as you work through merging or divesting assets.